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Attention Pet Lovers - FDA, DCM & Taurine

It is the position of Paws Stop that all pet lovers that are feeding grain free diets with legumes, (Chickpeas, Lentils, Peas) and potatoes, ingredients listed as potential concerns in the FDA release regarding DCM, switch to diets that do not include those ingredients if you have any concerns. Most, not all, of the companies that have been named do offer those alternative formulations. I will be happy to meet or talk on the phone with any of you. You may also reach me at dave@pawsstop.com.

The first FDA release on DCM concerns was released in July 2018. There was another release by the FDA end of June 2019. There were 16 brands of dog food listed as foods dogs consumed in the second release. The information released last year and last week do say the FDA doesn't yet know how certain diets may be associated with DCM and also states that DCM has been thought to be a genetic condition. If you completely read both of the full FDA releases, I believe you will be frustrated by the lack of understanding of DCM, I certainly am.

David Moore, owner, Paws Stop July 2019

Additional information;

Around 560 dogs diagnosed with DCM from Jan 2014 – April 2018. It is estimated there are 77 Million dogs in US.

The FDA does NOT know if any dog food contributes to DCM at this time.

You can supplement taurine in your pets food.